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“One of the most exciting video footage I've ever had .. It moved me like when I sing it. Heartfelt thanks stefano. A warm greeting“ - (Claudio Lippi - italian tv presenter)

“His name is synonymous of glamour and of fresh and contemporary touch of many tv shows: he dares with shots and frames, staying away from the cliche' of usual tv shows and redefining their standards. His technical choices, editing, frames and shots make the absolute difference.“ - (Millecanali)

Stefano Sartini is an undisputed name in the realm of television producers.

He is mostly specialized in multi-camera shots of large international events, ceremonies, concerts and studio tv shows. He has been managing tv crews of remarkable size for years, continuosly looking for the most evocative frames and stage effects

He started his own career in local tv back in 1976 and quickly worked his way up to primetime shows in the Italian national TV broadcaster Raiuno. He also directed shows that were broadcasted worldwide, including the opening of the Olympic year in Athens and Fendi’s fashion show in Rome’s stunning Fontana di Trevi.

He has worked for more than 30 years with the most renowned production companies worldwide in Spain, Chile, USA and most importantly Greece. There, he has been the first director to bring new entartainment formats into the principal Greek TV broadcasters. During more than 10 years of high level collaborations in Greece, he directed several tv shows that scored all-continuoslytime share records, becoming a celebrity and appearing on hundreds of covers and thousands of magazine articles.

Stefano has been able to develop his unique idea of direction, from the frames he shot to his narrative techniques, always bringing a glamour angle to his work, which comes from his fashion background. He has a natural inclination and a profound passion for his work. This always comes up from his productions and has also made him currently one of the most expert TV directors in Italy.

Many awards and acknowledgements certify his 30+ years long fame, as well as many and high-quality productions he made, with some yearly peaks of more than thousands of hours of live shows directed.

In a nutshell: Stefano Startini means absolute care, quality, flair, and trustworthiness.


– multi-camera direction
– script director
– editing director
– location director
– scenography director
– lights & effects director
– complex show management, including script, planning and scheduling
– large live TV experience, working under pressure and with tight deadlines
– creative leadership for large teams, plus monitoring of set design, graphic design & costumes
– director of audience, actors, comedians, journalists, musicists, dancers and kids
– writing innovative RFPs for tv shows
– design of complex and large budget in-studio shows

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